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How to Get more Customers, Clients, and Prospects for your business

Let’s start by giving you something you can profit from today. I call it tele-profiting. Your telephone inquiries and inbound calls cost money. If you pay for a Yellow Page ad, web site or other marketing channels that produce telephone inquiries, you’re spending money for each call. I know what my calls cost If I send out $1,000 worth of postcards or direct mail letters that produce 100 inquiries, then each call cost me $10 I’ve tested 234 ways to answer the telephone in a wide variety of businesses. And one stands out and beats the rest hands down.


Let me introduce to you Scientific Marketing and Advertising. This puts the caller in the position of requesting assistance or help. This deceptively simple script is effective because when the caller responds, he is accepting my offer for help. And that’s powerful. Because after you give the caller the information he wants, he has a psychological need to reciprocate for the help you’ve delivered. At this point, simply ask, “And who am I speaking to?” The caller usually gives his first name like, John.


Then you ask, “Does John have a last name?” John almost always gives you his last name. Then ask, “Does John Smith have an email address?” Again, John Smith will comply about 85% of the time. When you refer to John in the third person, you disarm resistance and he will comply to fulfill his need to reciprocate for the help you’ve delivered. This phone script works exceptionally well for anyone who works by appointment like licensed professionals, personal service providers and many retail stores.


It’s a great email acquisition strategy plus it labels your marketing message as help Instead of the expected sales pitch. Here’s one more valuable tele-profiting tip. Whenever you schedule an appointment say this, “If you must cancel for any reason, will you be kind enough to call?” By getting the callers agreement to notify you if he has to cancel, an amazing phenomena occurs. Cancellations and no-shows are reduced to insignificance. Try it. This stuff works.


And adds profits to your bottom line daily. Tested and proven effective with hundreds of businesses in a wide variety of professions and industries. The opposite of EXCEPTIONAL is MEDIOCRE. I’ve never met a serious business owner who was satisfied with being mediocre.


So let’s discuss a 2009 survey of 311 retail store, service provider and licensed professional business owners. The purpose of the survey was to define what an exceptional business is from a small business owner’s point of view. Business owners defined an exceptional business as working reasonable hours and earning what they’re worth. They collectively said minimizing financial risk and being debt free were extremely important.


A consistent flow of new customers and strong demand for products and services were mandatory. Productive, reliable and trustworthy employees were essential. Other factors that defined their concept of an exceptional business included. Delivering excellent products and services.


A loyal and satisfied customer base Plus community name recognition and being a consumer’s first choice. The sole purpose of the survey was to define the vital elements of an exceptional business.


By using a powerful Point of Sale software, you can also get more customers and clients because they are always satisfied having transactions with you.