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How to Get Good Reviews for your Restaurant?

I get this question about how to get good reviews for my restaurant so frequently. I thought I’d do another video for you and share a couple of more ideas. Probably one of the best ways to get anybody’s attention for anything is while they are sitting at their table you’ve got table tents sitting there on the table with something for them to do. I recommend that you make a table tent specific to the type of review that you want them to give you, so if you want to get more reviews on Yelp!, you’ve got a table tent that’s specific to Yelp! Don’t clutter this up. Don’t make it so that they have to choose a whole bunch of between the different review sites.  Put a thing on a table tent that says, please go to Yelp and give us a review.


Put a link on there. Put a QR code on there. Now a QR code is just like a little bar code if you’re not familiar with them. They’re easy to make.


Just go to the web and type in free QR code generator, and it will give you a quick tutorial about how you put something like a website address in and it creates the QR code. When you create that, put it on the image on the table tent. You also put a link and if the link to the Yelp review or the Google+ Local Zagat review is too long. Research using short URL shorteners.


There are tools out there. Just go look for a short web address or a short URL. It will tell you how to create a shortened URL, so it’s a short, not a big long one so that it will fit on a table tent, but you want to have multiple ways for them to do it. First you’ll need a Yelp logo on there.


You’ll have the QR code. You’ll have the have like a web address so that they can get to them easily. Make one of these table tents or well, a collection of these table tents for each one of the review sites that you want them to visit, and at different times put out different ones, so put the Yelp tents out for a week or so, and then put the Zagat reviews tents out for a week or so. Then put the TripAdvisor tents out.


What you want is to get a kind of a cross- platform representation that your customers no matter where they are, looking on these things, they’ll find you, so the worst thing is focusing on just say one platform. You want to spread this across, but you don’t want to say, oh, go here, go here, go here or go here. People can’t make a decision like that. Focus in on it.


Make sure that they go to that specific one, and change the tents out once-in-a-while. Come up with something new.


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