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How to create a website for your Restaurant

With 89% of restaurant guests checking up on restaurants online, your restaurant’s website is more important than ever! Outdated and ugly websites simply won’t attract any guests, and can actually drive them away to your competition. It’s time for your restaurant or bar to finally have a great looking, feature packed website that will bring new AND returning customers through your door each and every day. We can give a complete website solution for restaurants and bars. Our solution is an easy to use, yet super powerful website creation system developed specifically for food service providers. Thanks to the countless interviews with restaurant owners, research, and years of development, your restaurant can now have a unique, modern, feature packed website that will truly amaze your guests and increase your business.


Let’s have a quick look at how your establishment’s website will be transformed with our solution, and how you’ll profit from a modern web presence. Your restaurant’s look is unique, and your website has to mirror your image. Simply choose one of the professionally designed templates included with our solution, add your logo and define your colors to recreate your restaurant’s exact image. Easily create beautiful menu cards with images, calorie counts, and many more features that will be sure to get your site visitors hungry for your dishes.


We’ve made everything simple for you, so creating and managing food items and menu cards is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse. If your restaurant has a takeaway or a home delivery service, simply turn on the online ordering feature, and your visitors will be able to place orders AND conveniently pay you right on your website. Secure online ordering comes built-into our solution, saving you money on other online ordering solutions. Your visitors will be able to easily reserve tables directly on your website.


And if you use our reservation service, you can easily embed that reservation widget as well. Coupons are a great way to attract more visitors, and yes, our intuitive coupon system will allow you to create printable coupons in seconds. You can even create discount codes for online orders to promote your online ordering service, resulting in more frequent AND larger orders If you host live events such as concerts, comedy nights, or anything else, your guests will be able to easily track your event calendar with the built-in event listings system.


Your visitors will be able to easily share your menus, food items, coupons and events on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. A well timed coupon or an attractive lunch special could easily go viral, getting your restaurant or bar more Likes, more followers, and more guests. Your website will automatically be optimized for viewing on all mobile devices. Your mobile visitors be able to use the online ordering system right on their phone, as well as get directions to your restaurant, or even call you with the touch of a button.


Changing every single aspect of your website’s look is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse. Whether you want to move the sidebar, add interactive widgets, create new promotional slides for your homepage, change the fonts or the background image, everything is made to be as simple and intuitive as possible. You’ll find helpful video tutorials to guide you along the way, and our free support service is always available to help you as well. You don’t have to be a computer genius to manage your new website, all thanks to our website creation services.


You can also try our POS Software. If you don’t have a powerful POS yet for your restaurant or small business, you can try Kroid Cloud POS.