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How to be a good Restaurant Manager?

This is a story from a restaurant manager. I’ve completed a Certificate IV in Retail Management. I finished school in 2007 and I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with my life. I’d applied for University but unfortunately didn’t get the result required to get in. I decided to become a shift supervisor and then for further development and further growth I was then offered the opportunity to undertake a Certificate IV in Retail Management.

The benefits I received and the organization skills and teamwork skills, and just skills overall, workplace practices that I learned were second to none and really inspired me to do better with my career and move forward into the future I was then able to become a Restaurant Manager. On a daily basis I look at my staff, we create things like bench planners to see what the foreseeable future can be. We develop our staff to ensure that they’re continually growing just as I’ve done.


Since I’ve started, David’s always been there to coach me through learning and given me the skills that I need. David has great characteristics about him within leadership and he’s brought that down straight down to his team members and his peers. As the Australian Apprentice (Trainee) of the Year, I cascade down to my staff on a daily basis the benefits around the traineeship and what we can really achieve from a traineeship. By winning the award it gave me a sense of accomplishment because I had strived to achieve something within my career.


It really changed my life and gave me a better chance for my career moving forward. It gave me better insight into where I can be in the future. If anyone asks me or if a Year 12, or anyone asks me, would I recommend doing the traineeship, I would say yes. It has given me a better understanding of what I can do as a person, and as an individual.


This story will tell us that experience and educational background could help shape you as a better person, not just on your profession.


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