Android Point of Sale

How POS System helps you in setting menu prices?

Using a good quality Android POS system, you can easily change your menu to allow large price shifts. For example, there is an increase in the prices of ingredients used you can easily adjust your menu prices to accommodate any changes. You can also interchange some of the meat ingredients depending on the acceptable price level.

Point of sale system is also capable of producing reports, but more than that, the report you will get can be used in increasing your sales. You can focus on lower-cost items in your inventory like beef that is almost popular as your shrimp dinner but cost a large amount to make.

Try to increase your profit margin by lessening your food cost. You need to maintain a balance of mix high and low-cost food items on your menu so that your customers have more options. Sometimes, if you only focus on low-cost items you will also lower your guest check average and this will lower sales.

Aside from relying on your Android POS system, you must also cut kitchen waste. Monitoring the amount of garbage (includes wrong order, dropped food, etc.) can help you determined the amount of money that gets spend on such product waste.

Establish restaurant recipes to make sure consistency in your expenses and sales. This practice will help you monitor and control cost. It will be too harsh if you get out of control and your customers will develop a wrong perception about your establishment.

Employees should develop a comfortable environment with gadgets inside your establishment such as Point of sale system.  You need to be very careful in purchasing devices such as Android POS system because it can lead to dead investment especially if it doesn’t help you in increasing profit. Avoid unnecessary expenses.

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