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How important is a Double Drawer System?

The system of managing stocks and orders in the double drawer allows the nursing staff to dispense and order the product used in a simple and secure way. This system features a basic tool for placing orders: The sticker. The sticker contains the details of the article to be replaced its reference number, description, quantity of supply its location in the service storeroom and the corresponding barcode or tag. Each article in the service storeroom is assigned a unique location and the quantity of the preset level is distributed half-and-half across a double compartment. The nurse is preparing to take different materials from the service storeroom.


He or she extracts the basket or tray with the product and helps themselves from the compartment which has a green sticker. When the compartment is empty, the nurse generates a replacement order for half of the preset level. To do this, they remove the green sticker from the empty drawer and place it on the RFID panel reader, then they place the red sticker stuck on the label frame in the full compartment to the sleeve reference to the product which needs to be replaced. Throughout the process the position of the sticker marks the drawer from which the product should be picked.


The logistics staff read the order remotely according to the frequency of replacement of the material set between the main store and the service cabinet. It may be weekly, daily, every three days. From the MMSlog® management software installed on the computer in the main store, an order of mass reading is sent to the RFID panel. Thus the information from the stickers placed on the panels is registered: center, cost, reference number, article, quantity and restock.


All in all, the service order is great. The logistics staff prepare the order and transport it to the service cabinet. A restock is achieved by taking the green sticker from the panel and placing it once more on the label frame with the red sticker. Then the empty compartment is refilled and the cycle begins again.


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