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How do I Get Customers to Buy More in my Restaurant?

Another question you should be asking yourself is how do I get customers to buy more in my restaurant? Great, I’ve got these customers. They are in my restaurant. How do I get them to buy more? How do I get the ticket size to increase? Now, obviously you could just go and increase the prices on your menu and your ticket price would increase, but after a while that has a bit of diminishing return. However, I would challenge you that most of you, your ticket prices are too low. I see this quite often.


Your typical menu items are undervalued. You really haven’t revisited them. You really need to do some work on where you are on your menu. We tend to fix the prices on our menu, and then just, you know, the price of that entrĂ©e is that price and we never move it.


You should really do some testing. Your menu should have a way that you can test at what point I start seeing diminishing returns on the purchases of these items because most menu items could be increased 5% and even the person who eats that meal with you every time they come and visit, you know there are those people probably don’t even notice that you increased it 5%. You might want to play some testing with these types of things. What are my menu items priced at today? And could I tolerate an increase in prices? And, if you start seeing the sales on a particular item start to kind of drop down a little bit, maybe you back the price back down a little bit and see if it comes back up.


You should be monitoring these metrics on a line item by line item in your menu all the time. Now there are a whole bunch of other ways to get people to buy a bigger ticket item with you. The most basic would be, Hey, let’s convince them to buy dessert. You know, you’ve all seen a 100 ways to get people to buy dessert, but sometimes we kind of forget about that sort of thing.


It is paramount to the success and growth of your business that you have people increasing their ticket items on a regular basis, and growing your business. Now, those kinds of things where I perhaps maybe even recommend a more expensive items on my menu, and it could be just be as simple as training your wait staff to recommend more expensive items. Hey, usually your more expensive items are your best menu items because they are what they are. Right? They are the most expensive. They are the best Making. Those kinds of recommendations is not a bad thing. Your customers will enjoy your high ticket items. The same thing with dessert.


The same thing with appetizers making those suggestions, so from a training perspective, certainly do that. Other items, table tents, little tents, pieces of paper folded, standing there on your tables suggesting desserts, suggesting appetizers, suggesting drinks In fact, maybe having a separate drink menu there that they can browse while they are kind of waiting for their meal. You might be surprised that the waitress comes back to the table and viola, I want drinks as well with my meal.


All of these things kind of add up. I would suggest you consider having products that you can sell to people on the way out of the door; seasonings, and sauces, and things that you are perhaps famous for. Maybe it’s one of your unique selling propositions that you have a famous barbeque sauce, great. Bottle it up and let them take it home, let them try it on their own meals.


Those kinds of things can grow your business. So, there are whole bunch of these techniques, but I encourage you to be considering all the time how do I increase the size of my average ticket for my average customer.