Groupon shakes up tablet POS category

The company hopes that Gnome—home on an Apple iPad mini— will be able to increase subscription and move beyond marketing introductions to help small businesses create customer loyalty.


An estimated count shows that more that half of small businesses like local retailers, merchants and shops are still using the traditional cash registers. Despite of that fact, lots of business companies like Lightspeed, Reve Systems, ShopKeep and so many others are now enthusiastic about the tablet of point –of-sale market.


Another name is added to the list after Groupon entered the competition. Groupon is known as a small-business marketing service powerhouse. The company is recognized as the pioneer of the daily deals concept like assisting thousands of small merchandise to get first-time customers through the front door, rolling out Gnome in North America. The starting price might rage from $10 per month based on the statement given by Rich Williams, the company’s vice president of marketing.


An iPad mini tablet is used to immediately recognize Groupon vouchers that is stored on the Groupon mobile apps for Apple IOS or Android, is somebody gets inside the establishment with an active Bluetooth connection. But if they don’t have are not using smartphone, the system can get a customer’s vouchers through a rudimentary name look-up.


This will help small merchants to build deeper relationships with their customers. “It is meant to be simple and painless for employers and staff at small businesses,” William said.


POS is customizable and merchants can choose their own marketing campaigns based on purchase or visit history, collect and share feedback through connections with social media. It also enable SMBs to respond to any inquiries or requests.


The initial target for Gnome will be existing Groupon merchants accounts, Williams said.