Google Purchase Solar-Powered Drone Maker Titan Aerospace

Google finally closed the deal with drone maker Titan Aerospace. The company’s future plan is to deliver wireless Internet connectivity to remote areas around the globe. This huge Solar plane can remain in flight for about five years. Its function is similar to communication satellites and it can be used for surveillance purposes.


Titan is a company based in New Mexico that makes high-flying solar powered drone. Vern Raburn, CEO of Titan Aerospace, refused to give information regarding on the amount paid by Google. Earlier this year, Facebook has been in discussion to get the company for a reported price of $60 million. Apparently, Google paid a large amount to get the deal from Titan Aerospace.


Google affirmed Titan acquisition through an emailed statement saying, “Atmospheric satellites could help bring internet access to millions of people, and help solve other problems, including disaster relief and environmental damage like deforestation.”


According to the company’s website, Titan is building up a variety of solar-powered “atmospheric satellites.” Its initial commercial operation is slated for year 2015. The Wall Street Journal delivered the first report of the acquisition on Monday.


  • Google has seen the great potential from the solar plane and Titan can work on a variety of projects for them.

    Google Earth and Google Maps can be improved through Titan that will collect photos around the globe.


  •  It can contribute to the Project Loon where balloons will be sent into the atmosphere that beams Internet to different parts of the world that have no connection yet.


  •  Through a long cable, energy can be delivered back to earth and Makani (another company bought by Google) can utilize this energy also.


Google continuously upgrades all their systems and networks. It aims to make a competitive global internet connection in the upcoming years.