Google Now Feature Competes With Amazon

Google initiated a new strategy in reaching for a broader number of consumers especially that the competition over product related searches is heating up. They released the new feature Google Now that works especially on smartphones.


On a short blog post last Monday, Google said that the apps being used for things like flight and traffic reminder can now be use to point out products that searchers online are interested of.


Google Now’s new feature makes it easier for Google to get advertising dollar from local businessman that want to attract potential customers as they passed by a certain establishment. It is almost like an auto generated shopping list that works like this:


  • If a smartphone user looked for a hiking boots on Google then automatically the Google Now application will automatically use the location information inside the android smartphone. It will tell the user that they are passing by a shoe store that might be selling the boots that they are looking for.


The company gave no further comment about the issue but they mentioned that they are not going to show how retailer’s inventory information will be uploaded or this will be a new advertising strategy in the near future.


Google aimed to compete more effectively with Amazon up where they have a better way of product listing ads, or PLAs. It serves up the images and prices of products within the search results of Google instead of the company’s normal ten blue links.


This will help Google users prevent from getting into unhelpful websites which is very important on bandwidth and the smartphone’s scree size constrain. Google Now can be a natural extension of PLAs that creates product notification based on location. Retailers only have to give the data to Google regarding the number of product stocks they have. Retailers can also change their product’s list according to what’s trending on the online shop.


Google also expands the shopping services it offers where they provide delivery service from stores such as Costco and Target to the main cities like Manhattan and some areas of Los Angeles California.


Google Now app is already known for being able to look inside the Gmail inboxes of user for airline boarding passes or Google calendar for appointment regarding flight updates.