Google Joins Tracking Market

Google ventures to a new market of health tracking device. Google Fit, the company’s new product will be launched soon with a promising feature of health data gathering from fitness trackers and other related health apps.


The company plans to announce its product at the conference of Google developer by the end of the month. Google’s spokeswoman refused to give further comment about the news.


Last week, Apple also launched its own health product at its own developer conference. This means that Google will be joining the bigger competition on health market. Apple uses an application called “Health” and tools like “HealthKit” for them to access the health status of its iPhone users and with the permission of the users also.


Wearable gadgets will surely be one of the hot topics at the Google conference as they announced earlier this year about its new operating system for different wearable devices called Android Wear. Other tech giants like LG Electronics and Google’s Motorola announced last March that they would also start selling smartwatches running Android Wear in the in coming months.


Last 2008, Google first tried its tracking health information where it launched a personal health information called Google Health, but it was break in 2011 because of its limited usage and function. Based on a person familiar with that project, the biggest challenge for such device is to capture data and to find enough reason to keep it updated.


All this products almost have small differences on its features but one thing is for sure, they want to provide a better healthcare device that is much accessible for users who have health issues. You can finally check different activity information such as steps and heart rate, which is expected to be one of the key features of wearable devices.