Google Glass for One Day Only

Have you ever wondered what this new gadget is all about? Why is it available for one day only?



Google Glass has a pair of compatible glasses that is really designed to fit the customer’s lifestyle. It varies in colors, frames, shades and earbuds. Above the wearer’s right eye is a small display. The glass can be used to access the internet and wearer can just look up to see directions, notifications and custom Glass app content on the screen. Voice or the tiny touch pad on the side is used to control the gadget.


On April 15 at 9 a.m. ET, the device will be available to the general public for the first time. The sales of Glass are opened by Google for one day only and exclusively to any adult in the United States. Free frames or sunglasses are given to those first-time customers for a limited number only. People can now sign up with Google to receive updates and reminders.


In previous years only developers could buy Glass until they extended the program towards regular people. But the device also involves in some controversies, especially its small camera that can record 720p video or snap still photo.


The first time Google Glass was shipped it has been criticized for causing the death of privacy and mocked its physical feature. Bars and Restaurants even banned people who are wearing the glass and they are given tickets for distracted driving and called “Glassholes” for ignoring the outside world.


Education and exposure, according to Google and Explorers, are needed to eliminate privacy fear and for the general public to embrace technology. This one-day sale is once in a lifetime chance for those people who wanted to experience the Google Glass. We will see what will be the future of this $1,500 gadget after the event on Tuesday.