Google Acquire Divide to Boost Android in Workplace

Google purchased Divide, a mobile-device-management startup, to help the Android business of the Internet giant and to reach more business customers.


Divide is founded by former Morgan Stanley who is the information-technology executives. It helps companies handle the increasing number— and variety— of mobile devices used by employees. The amount of purchase wasn’t disclosed to the public.


Android became popular as the world’s most famous mobile-operating system, but is less familiar with the inside companies. This bigger market used to be ruled by other giant company such as BlackBerry while Apple, Google and Microsoft are going on the other side, aiming to extract market share from the troubled based company in Canada.


Things get more complicated especially that many companies now, let their employees to connect their smartphones and tablets to the corporate network itself. Thus, a practice like Bring You Own Device or BYOD became rampant in the tech company. Corporate-technology managers are now having more challenging tasks in the field.


According to Chris Jones, principal analyst at Canalys technology research firm, that those managers generally have chose gadgets that run on an Apple iOS operating system because it is easier to set up and relatively more secure. For example, apps are tested expansively by Apple before they are allowed into the company’s App Store, which makes IT manager feel more secured, Jones said to WSJ.


On the contrary, Google gave lesser control over the applications in its Play store and other Android apps even have malware in the past, Jone said.


Ojas Rege, vice president of strategy at MobileIron said that Android devices are manufactured by different companies and use different version of Google’s operating system. On the other side, Apple and BlackBerry make all of their own devices, making the challenge much easier, he added.


Buying Divide “will help Google build security and control into the Android operating system,” said Jones, the Canalys analyst. “This is a smart move and probably something Google should have done earlier.”


Mobile-device-management such as Divide and MobileIron help corporate-tech staffers keep employees’ smartphones and tablets secure in the workplace. This will give companies the access to track mobile activities, control what apps are downloaded by employees, update apps with the latest versions, check for viruses and other security threats and remotely delete devices if needed.