Facebook’s “Move” Application

Facebook is now entering the fitness tracking market by purchasing a Helsinki-based maker for mobile app. It can track automatically the user’s action whether they are walking, running, biking or having a ride on a public transport.


On Thursday, Facebook plans to get ProtoGeo Oy that produces the mobile app called Moves. It works in the background while quietly gathering data from the phone’s accelerometer. The app will display the results in a minimalist form and each activity is displayed via a colored circle.


Move application according to Facebook press release Thursday is an “incredible tool for the millions of people who want to better understand their daily fitness activity.” According to Facebook Move’s launching last year was a “Surprise Hit by Apple App Store and has been downloaded by more that 4 million times by both iPhone and Android users.


Facebook still hide the real price they paid for the app maker. But earlier this year, Facebook had a deal with mobile messenger WhatsApp for $19 billion and Oculus VR for $2billion.


People nowadays are becoming more conscious with health and body fitness. Thus, this new application is calling for attention of many facebook users. Move will be one of a growing number of fitness apps you will find online. There are many apps like Strava, Runkeeper, NikeNke and others but unlike any of this, Moves is one of the best for outdoor activities where it can track and detect automatically the action being done. It can also connect to other apps to add new features. There are list of apps that match with Moves such as “trail,” then “Logger-Graph Your Life,” and one called “Long My Day.”


Moves application will continue to work separately from Facebook. The acquisition remained consistent with Facebook’s strategy of having multiple stand-alone apps. Soon it will join with Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and new aggregator Paper.


As of now, Facebook announces that Moves app aims to help the users “take small steps toward more healthy habits and lifestyle.” Facebook will also get the engineering talent of the team that created the app. Everyone can now keep their connection online while having a healthier lifestyle.