Europe’s Biggest Cyberwar Stress Test

Europe is taking seriously all the possible cyber threat that may arise against their online security. This biannual cyber exercise is participated by more that 400 cyber security professionals coming from 29 countries and 200 organizations. They also sought help from the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security( ENISA).


This online event gathered several Cyber Security Agencies, EU bodies, Telecoms operators, Tech companies and energy providers. All participants must detect and discuss different challenges according to 16 different cyber-security incidents. The technical aspect of the activity will be distributed across all of Europe.


This will be the second time for Europe to held events like this. But this year’s stress test is the largest of the continent’s endurance to withstand a massive attack in cyber space.


“The incidents in Cyber Europe 2014 are very realistic, mimicking unrest and political crisis at a pan-European level, disrupting services for millions of citizens across Europe,” The Executive Director of ENISA, Professor Udo Helmbrecht, stated. “This improves the resilience of Europe’s critical information infrastructures”.


Last 2010 exercise involved different wargame scenario where Internet connection are gradually lost between European countries. Until all major cross-border connections are effectively out of use.


The organizer of the events including all the participants are not allowed to reveal what types of incidents would be drilled for them. But based on the past exercises the areas of interest are more on massive distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), power grids attack or cyber-security breaches.


Katerina Christaki, Network & Information Security Assistant at ENISA told Digits, “We cannot reveal specific aspects of the scenarios, we’re covering lots of very different network and information security threats,”
ENISA stated that Europe must make sure that they practice their response against cyber-attacks.


“Cyber crises are occurring on larger scales and growing more transnational in origin an effect. Moreover, the nature of cyber-threats is rapidly changing. The emergence of big data and new online services is creating increased vulnerabilities. Large scale information losses and breaches of user data have emerged as a top threat and concern for citizens,” the organization, one of 40 EU agencies which assists the European Institutions, said.