Restaurant POS

Easy way to reduce employee cost

Selecting the right POS system


This includes how your employees work with POS system. Usually, you only need a few staff for the cash register in your restaurant especially if they can work easily with your new system. A fast point-of-sale system can help you minimize working load, therefore a limited number of cashiers can entertain more guess.


Most managers think that having many employees in the food counter is equal to a faster service—well this is totally a wrong. What makes a particular service faster is the system you are using. If your Android POS system keeps on restarting or hanging in the middle of transaction, you are at risk because it will only cost delay on your service and customers will surely feel disappointed with this.


Remember that there are many POS system online but all of these work differently from one another.  You need to determine what is the type of your restaurant and what are the services you offered.


How does a POS system operate in the process of taking order?


First, an employee (a cashier or other staff) should enter his/her name or user code into the touch screen of the tablet. After a few second, they can finally access the system.


The staff will take the orders and check if it is available. If yes, they punch the order and select a table number and food to an existing check.


Automatically, your POS system sends this all order details into the kitchen or bar in the form of a printer ticket or on a digital display monitor.


Then, the kitchen or bar staff will check the order and prepare the food or beverages. Then the waiter or other employee will serve the order to the customer.


In a fast-service restaurant, the employee will review the total charge on the POS display and collect customer’s payment. In full service, the server will bring the check and wait for payment. Lastly, enter it into the POS when customers are done.