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Does my Restaurant need to be on Facebook?

Many restaurant owners always ask these questions. Do I really need to be on Facebook? Do I need to be on Facebook? Wow! If I hear this question one more time. Here’s the thing. Basically, first off on any of these tools ask yourself one simple question. If you’re going to engage in that process, does it connect you to your customers? Well, given the fact that there’s about a billion people on this planet on Facebook, I think there’s a very high likelihood that all, or the vast majority of your customers, unless they are well over 70 years old are in fact on Facebook. So do you need to be on Facebook? Yes, you need to be on Facebook, but there’s a bigger question here, and I will go onto that in some other videos, but the bigger question is what is it that you are doing on Facebook?


Facebook is not an advertising platform like a billboard or a television or radio. You’re not just shooting a message out there to people. You are engaging in a conversation. You need to be engaging. Think about any conversation you have with anybody.


If you’re not having questions and answers, and you’re not supplying information that’s interesting and valuable and entertaining. Guess what? The conversation is pretty short isn’t it? So if you want to build conversation with your customers on Facebook or any other platform, it needs to be engaging. It needs to be entertaining, and it needs to be valuable. I can’t stress that enough, so good luck with Facebook and we’ll see you there.


First thing you need to do is to create a Facebook page for your restaurant. After creating a page, you can spread the good news through your personal account’s wall or through your friend’s wall. The more likes you can have for your Facebook page, the more chances you can have more likes in due time. And most importantly, Google loves Facebook. So, you better start now!


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