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Does Internet Marketing really works for your Restaurant

Does Internet marketing really work for a restaurant? Every time I hear this question all I can think of is that the person asking it is really, really behind the times on things. The truth of the matter is the Internet is a very large collection of marketing tools and marketing techniques, and usually I think when people ask me this they are thinking if I put up a website will that work for me, and if you think that just having a website on the Internet is enough Internet marketing, it’s not It’s just the tip of an iceberg In fact, these days it’s more like a business card. What you really need to be considering are all of the other components that are available through the Internet that can help you with your marketing.


You’ve got social media, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, all of these ways to get your message out to your customer, but you also have mobile, mobile apps, you’ve got SMS marketing, simple messaging systems. So you can send text messages to your customers. There are a whole bunch of ways, so when you say, Does Internet marketing work? I think that maybe when you’re asking that kind of a question you’re thinking in terms of maybe a banner ad on somebody’s website or an AdWords or a website yourself. Internet marketing is so much more.


I mean the Internet is the tool that can help you really get your marketing message out there. I encourage you to look into all of these other components, particularly social media, text messaging, and mobile applications. These are clearly the way of the future and mobile apps is absolutely taking off, particularly for restaurants, but, and in fact, here’s another example. Review sites, Yelp!, Foursquare.


These are on the Internet, but do you actually market there. You know, market there by getting the components on there, the reviews listed up there. This is hugely important for you and I guess it’s Internet marketing because hey it’s on the Internet and you’re getting your marketing message there, so you’ve really got to concentrate on things like reviews as well as your typical message that you want to get to people, so I wish you look with it, and I will see you out there.