Cloud POS

Cloud Technology: What it is and How it works

Cloud technology uses both the Internet and central remote servers situated inside the Internet to maintain data and applications. It involves Cloud Computing that allows consumers, enterprises and business to utilize this application. They don’t have to download another software or another hardware installation because this is just available online.


The Internet serves as the “cloud” for all the applications and services that are always accessible for the subscribers. You only need to log into your desired computer application like web services, data storage services, spam filtering, etc. You might avail this service through monthly or annual paid subscriptions. You can now have an efficient computation by centralizing storage, memory, and processing.


Basically, hardware and software resources created the cloud computing services that made it available online. These services usually offer access to advanced software applications, and high-end networks of server computers.


Cloud computing provides a countless benefits to its users like obtaining massive data from small and medium sized business. Even governments and huge enterprises are now shifting towards cloud computing.


Also compared with other services, only skilled practitioners are dealing cloud computing and it is an assurance that it maintains a standard security. It has been recognized by many people and most vendors of cloud computing are reputable companies that offers unlimited storage and computing capacity like Microsoft, Google, IBM, Yahoo Inc. etc.


Cloud computing has two basic general types of cloud the public cloud and the private cloud. Public cloud usually sells services to anyone who is interested to buy on the Internet.  But this one involves lesser privacy and anyone can use it. While private cloud on the other hand, is more on propriety network or a data center that provides hosted services to a limited number of people.


Cloud technology offers many potential benefits. After knowing more about how it works, you can now choose Android POS system for your business while taking into consideration that it is also cloud-based like Kroid POS.