Cloud POS

Cloud-Based POS system for your restaurant business

In purchasing a Restaurant POS system, choose the one that is Cloud-based. Cloud computing is where the information is stored and it separates your data from your main computer, like a remote server. It is a popular system of storing and accessing data where you can get details of sales directly from the Internet using your mobile devices like iPads or android smartphones.


If your point-of-sale system is Cloud-based then you can easily manage your business from any location as long as it has Internet connection. Once all your data are stored on a remote server, the owner can monitor all transaction anytime of the day or night.


The cloud-based can bring a lower cost to point-of-sale solution because it eliminates some of the extra costing you find in traditional systems. So if you purchased your own POS system like Kroid POS, then you can have a low monthly fees compared to other cash register.


According to, cloud-based point of sale systems has the ability to work with popular mobile phone companies and this will be a good news for you. Its system updates instantly and instead of providing upgrades, new versions are released.


But if you worried about the risk of fraud or online hackers, cloud itself is very secure and not prone to crashes than the old systems you have. You can also prevent any attack or viruses through antivirus installation and regular updates of your system.


One of the restaurant POS system we recommend for your is Kroid Cloud which is a cloud based POS system that possess all the things you need in your business. You can manage now an entire concept from any Internet point and maybe you want to try the product’s free trial version at