Chinese Hacking Team Goes After Satellite Makers


According to Crowdstrike statement, Chinese military has created a computer surveillance unit that targets foreign governments, defense and space company since 2007.



Reports show that Crowdstrike offers detail on how hacking industrial complex in China go beyond the five military officers accused by the Justice Department last month. As detailed in the indictment, there are some activities that are highly centralized and directly controlled by the military.


Some groups seem to work as makeshift defense contractors that attempt to break into foreign networks after clocking out of ordinary day jobs said former U.S officials and security researchers.


The report done by Crowdstrike mainly concentrate on a Shanghai unit with an interest in satellite technology. It is knows as the 12th Bureau of the People’s Liberation Army’s Third Department together with Unit 61486 based on 2011 report from the Project 2049 Institute which is an Asia-focused U.S think tank run by former U.S military officers.


New York Times previously reported on Crowdstrike’s discovery. They have not mentioned a specific victim of the group but these hackers have stolen satellites and aerospace designs that they might use on their own advantage.


Obama administration is able to charge the five Chinese nationals. The administration works in cooperation with its Third Department’s Second Bureau known as Unit 61398. According to Project 2049 , Unit  61398 mainly focuses on the U.S and Canada.


Chinese embassy in Washington didn’t give any comment after the request sent to them.


The report also enlightens many of the U.S firms regarding how they can collect rich files on foreign hackers. In this matter, one military office has been using his personal email address to register a site used in government hacks.


Using his email address, Crowdstrike found pictures posted online of empty rice liquor bottles, a birthday celebration and a slim young man doing pull-ups in front of a military officer.