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Buyer’s Guide in Choosing POS Scanners

POS scanner is the one that reads the barcode attached to its item in your store. After scanning the barcode, it sends the data back into your computer. Technically, your system is connected to Y-connectors called wedges that make them work like an extension keyboard. One good thing about bar code scanning is how it improved accuracy and speed up operation during checkout. It can work on any restaurant POS or Android POS system.


If you choose to buy a cheaper scanner that is low in quality, they you will have a charge-coupled device (CCD) based scanner. They can be inexpensive but only performs a limited function. For example, the item being scanned must be 1 to 3 inches from the scanner before it can be detected. This is just fine for typical retail setting but if you are going to use this for your restaurant business, then it will surely fail.


Other type of scanner is a laser scanner that uses a beam of light that automatically read a bar code. This showcase a much better scanning quality since it is capable of scanning items at long ranges. There are available scanners that turn on automatically when scanning and then turn off again if not in use, which shows the ability of autosensing.


You can also choose an omnidirectional scanners that send out 15 or 20 lasers simultaneously where you can finally scan a bar code in different angles. And the tops of the line are embedded scanners which are omnidirectional scanners that you can see in some big supermarkets installed below the counter for easy access.


If you plan to buy a POS scanner, you need to consider the volume of your daily customers. For few customer restaurant or store, you can use CCDs or an entry-level scanners since it can work well with a fewer number of customers. If you have a fairly constant flow of customers will call or order from your store and those with a high volume of traffic, these two can check and select from omnidirectional or embedded scanners. Their prices might ranges from $100 to $350 or more depending on your supplier.


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