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Beware of Free Point of Sale system online

Many websites offer “free” POS system that you can download and install in your device. But there are many things you need to know about those promotional tricks. Most of the advertisements you see on someone’s website offering a free Point of sale system is not actually free (unless if it is just a trial version).What they do is they charge you in the installation of programs, upgrades and the technical support.


What you only get is a free basic module and more charges on the additional courses or programs like inventory control and theft control needs imbursement. In this case, you are not saving any cents at all, instead your purchase becomes more expensive than buying a complete package of Point of sale system.


If you think that free application are more accessible, well you are partly wrong. Some features you will get are not complete and the functionality of the software is not fully attainable.


Your POS system always depends on the type of business you have. There are certain quality that you need to have for your point of sale system like in a liquor store, Point of sale system should have a verification feature where purchasing liquors and wines are restricted to minors. Free POS is mostly for general usage and not industry specific.


You might end up wasting your time and effort in a program that will not work in your business. Imagine that no one will assist you in configuring the system unlike when you purchase POS system in reputable companies from Kroid.net. You need to have a proper training or even just an overview about the product so you will not end up with many errors or dissatisfaction.


The biggest problem you are facing in availing free POS system is the lack of expert technical support warranty or free service.  Many companies offer POS system package and promos like free updates and support services.