Are You Willing To Pay for Your Online Data Security?

According to surveys, half of the British Adult considered privacy online as a luxury because they are not yet ready to pay top dollar for it. However, you must see how data security is needed especially for your important files online.


A study was conducted by Trend Micro Inc., a security software firm located in Tokyo in which they figured out that only average of British people are willing to spend in securing their online personal data and information that ranges from £2.50 ($4.20) a month–or £30, about $50, a year.


Only 58% of the survey’s respondents gave a positive feedback that they would be ready to pay just to ensure that their personal details get enough security.


“It’s a sad state of affairs that we now think of online privacy as a luxury good,” said Rik Ferguson, vice president for security research at Trend Micro.


The survey is clear evidence that many online users are unaware and still had no idea of data vulnerability. This is quite alarming because almost all people now are storing all the important information online and yet there is still a widespread of unawareness.


Half of the survey group didn’t know that their personal data can be legally access by the government and different public sectors. They noticed that younger respondents were less aware compared to those older counterparts.


Some of them also lack awareness of what they can do as a consumer to protect their privacy online. Still half of the respondents, for example, learned how to opt out of giving personal data to private companies when signing up for services.


Sad to say, only few think of the possibilities that this could also be done for public-sector services.


Securing your data might be a little bit luxurious but if you think of the possible things that might happen in the future, maybe it’s better than losing all your important data.