Apple’s Next-Gen Displays By LuxVue

Apple finally obtained the new technology called Micro-Led by LuxVue Technology. Micro-Led  is a type of simple start-up that uses the next-generation light- emitting diode technology.


LuxVue   Technology, is a smaller technology company that primary foster a low-power, micro-Led based display technology provided to tech product consumer. All throughout the years, LuxVUe has been supplying some patents for the micro-Led technology.


It is quite promising that smartphones such as Apple can soon have a brighter display but with a lesser battery consumption than the other screens. Around December last year, the Santa Clara California based company already raised up to $43 million plus another $25.2 million funding.


During an interview last month, Tim Cook, Apple Chief Executive stated the company is aggressively looking to acquire new technology strategy. “Obviously, we’re on the prowl,” he added. Based on a review in the last year-and-a-half, Apple already transacted with 24 companies.


A confirmation about the deal was given by the Apple spokeswoman and she answered in response that it “buys smaller technology companies from time to time.” After that they give no further statement about their future plans and LuxVue remained silent about that matter. The amount involve in the transaction is also disclosed to the public.


For the past seven years that iPhone has been introduced by Apple, the company has shown a great interest in regulating its mechanism to distinguish its products with the others. In 2008, the company obtained the chip designer P.A letting it to design its own powerful processors for iPads and iPhones. Last 2012, it acquired authenTec which formulated the fingerprint-sensor technology for iPhone 5s.


Apple even begins to create and use a sapphire-crystal facility in Arizona this year, fueling speculation that it may take place the iPhone’s glass displays that make your cellphone screen scratch-resistance.