Acer is giving off Free Apps to Increase Device Sales

Acer is giving off Free Apps to Increase Device Sales. Some analyst wonder if free applications will really entice more shoppers to its electronic products. But even they are not yet convinced with the company’s action, Acer still hopes so.


The Taiwanese company has been experiencing a downfall for its PC market while it tries to compete with the rise of China’s Lenovo Group for years now. Based on some Analysts, Acer’s current market strategy to increase its tablet and smartphone sale is too slow. The company once reached the peak of its industry, being the world’s top PC seller but now its sagging market is now hardly profitable.


Stan shih, Acer founder, retook the company’s control in November. The company now is dealing more into software and related services just to climb out of a hole.


On Thursday, Acer said it will give more free downloads of apps that sync files, music and other data all over devices starting June 3. The cloud-based apps are programmed to run on any OS such as Android, Windows and iOS and it can even work on other non-Acer devices. Since the apps are free, it will don’t include data storage for end users.


Acer already released an open software platform of its own design which allows businesses to make customized applications. The company has been licensed the platform to businesses that create applications to mechanize functions on cars and monitor homes.


Maverich Shih, in charge of Acer’s cloud and tablet businesses, said to the reporters that applications for “smart homes and cars” are now progressing which will demand for gadgets that use and control these applications. He added that Acer is starting to earn profit from licensing of the platform, though that profit is “very small.” Maverick is also the eldest son of the founder.


Helen Chiang who is an analyst at IDC said that companies searching to increase its hardware sales and get into software, the must be a large user base and well-developed services support.


“Acer really needs to beef up its marketing to boost its user base, and to invest more in system maintenance,” Chiang said.