A shift from old cash register to Android point of sale (POS) system

Currently, stores and small restaurants are starting to update the kind of cash management system they used in their business. Point of sale system is now the newest trend that you should never miss.


Kroid Cloud POS system now offers a 14 days free trial version of its software available for your tablet. This is your chance to experience and to figure out the benefits of shifting into modern POS.


Point-of-sale system for your Android device actually gives you more comfort because you can now process payments with less hassle. Android POS provides you detailed reports, better track inventory, improve accuracy and it grows easily with your business. You can access data of sales anytime and anywhere.


Nowadays, you can barely see restaurants using the bulky types of computer monitors as cash registers since they are enlightened by the kind of innovation provided to them by companies that sell POS software in


Change is something that we always encounter everyday and for sure, you want your business to be updated with new trends.


Another good thing is you can monitor your sales through connecting your Android gadgets like laptop, cellphones and even tablet which is a much effective way of seeing the status of your sales. This will help you avoid sudden shrink of you business given that you know what’s going on with or without your presence.


You tablet can be used as a new platform for mobile payment and credit card processing which becomes highly popular these days. You will have access to different management tools like CRM services, loyalty program integration and employee management tools.


Maybe this is the right time to shift to Android Point of sale system because it is cost-efficient. Unlike the tradition POS system where you have to pay an up-front fee that cost $3, 000 or even $50, 000 and an annual payment for software license fee and system upgrades, Android POS system extend across the lifetime of the service and you pay a low monthly fee that includes: instant software upgrades, support, back-up and upgrades.


Don’t be left behind by your competitors because now is your chance to upgrade your system and say goodbye to your old cash register.