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A Big Company’s Stand on POS System Upgrade

Points of sale Systems are now becoming more and more popular among small to mid tier businesses. Little by little even the bigger companies are trying to transition into using the modern POS systems that are making waves today. There is the question as to why the biggest companies are still using the older POS models. They have a bigger income and are more successful, but why do they stick with obsolete models of these Point of Sale systems? There are more reasons as to why they are keeping their old systems and mind you, they are relevant reasons.


There are varied reasons as to why the bigger companies takes long or doesn’t even consider switching to newer more powerful POS systems. As innovative and as efficient these new POS systems can be, it is not that easy to fully implement to big companies. First of all the bigger the company, the harder it is to install a new POS system. Remember that a company’s POS system has to be uniform so that it could collate all the data from all the sales and transactions it processes daily. That means installing a new POS, which takes a lengthy amount of time will disrupt the operations of the company. Implementing the new system will come at the inconvenience of the customers instantly leading to unsatisfied regulars.


There is this saying that goes “Don’t fix what isn’t broken”. This applies to the massive companies as they are not interested with updates that offer just increments of improvement in comparison to what they are currently using. This doesn’t mean though that they will stick with their preferred system forever. When a chance shows itself, they will plan it to perform a major overhaul. You can expect that especially when a company is competitive.