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5 Mobile Myths that are completely false

Myth #1: The hassle in having new POS system is not worth it.


This is totally a false belief. Mobile payments are the most convenient and the easiest way to reach customer. Sales people who are tied to counters or old cash register can now do multiple tasks with the help of Android POS system. Flexibility can mean the difference between your revenue and a lost sale. Point of sale system works under the latest technology that track sales, log, revenue, fight chargebacks, and analyze performance in a fast and easy way.


Myth #2: Credit card information is stored the restaurant/ owner’s mobile device after a transaction.


This is only done by fraud POS provider. Good mobile developers, like kroid.net, do not store any critical data on the device. Instead, it will be stored on a remote service for safekeeping and will be only transferred through an encrypted, secure handshake between the application and the processor. You don’t need to freak out because no information should be stored or left hanging around after the transaction.


Myth #3: It raises the risk of fraud.


Cyber criminals are everywhere in the Internet and fraud becomes one of the primary concern of many POS system users. Data are not stored on any devices because a server keeps everything for you and the risk is lessened. You just need to choose the best Android POS system provider. There is no need for you to fear that one of your employees will steal your tablet and download all your customers’ information from the tablet. So far, no record of high fraud risk or data loss on tablets or mobile devices sold.


Myth #4: Wireless devices are unreliable.

Many businesses are suspicious with wireless setups, thinking that these are unreliable during tremendous operation. However, such issue can be solved easily like having a separate Wi-Fi connection allotted for your point of sale system and payments only. Having the right Android Point of sale system, including equipment, software and card processor—reliability is not an issue at all.


Myth #5: Mobile wallets are about to happen very soon.


This are very far from truth, especially in developed markets like the US. Android POS system is not a substitute to your normal wallet knowing that it reached 60 years to fully established all our banking infrastructure we have today and will surely take many years away to have mobile wallets.